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She Got it From Her Mama: Kathy Hogan

Jan 23, 2014

Today I am excited about a new {hopefully} weekly feature around these parts. Since outfit posts are going to be getting fewer and farther between (at least until I look less like the before picture in a Proactive commercial), I was trying to think of fun new content that I can keep going long after the new babe makes her debut.

Maybe it’s because I’m pregnant or maybe it’s because of my recent obsession with 70’s style but I kept thinking back to a favorite monthly feature in Lucky Magazine (and the blog that inspired it) called My Mom, the Style Icon. (Unfortunately Lucky eliminated the monthly feature and the blog is no longer posting new content …. big time bummer.) I loved seeing all the looks and imagine where they were heading (what can I say, I’m a history nerd – loved that minor in college). And as much as I adore Eva Chen’s takeover of Lucky, I can’t help but miss this monthly feature.

So here’s my take on the concept. I knew that I wanted to showcase those fabulous vintage styles and tell a little of the stories behind the bell bottoms, mod dresses or 80’s tees. So I emailed a bunch of friends and have peer pressured asked them to submit some of their mom’s (or grandmother’s) style moments. They’ll be helping me launch the feature but I’m hoping some of you all will get in on the action and send me some of your mom’s favorite ‘fits (can’t wait to get my hands on some pictures of my mom in her late 80’s fabulousness). And while some trends should fade into the past, we all know that some come charging back (or are forever), so I’ll be showcasing some ways to make the Mom’s look modern.

Up first, Kathy Hogan – mom of my friend Katie. First off, can we just talk about how amazing our mom’s were with a teasing comb and a set of hot rollers? The volume they could produce should be recognized with a medal or something. Kathy, teach me your ways.

Katie couldn’t find a full length picture but the black & white stripes + that amazing hair had me at hello.

Thanks so so much to Katie for sending in this picture and Kathy for being game for this first feature.
Loving the stripes, here’s some ways to work it into your wardrobe.

get inspired

Tank | Dress | Tee
Scarf | Espadrilles
Tee | Watch | Sweater

Want to see your fabulous momma featured? Send me a pic with her name, when it was taken and a short description to – can’t wait to see what goodies you all dig up.

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  1. Katie says:

    This is AMAZING!!! Thanks so much girl! I want that hair!!!

  2. love the new blog.

    by the way – you look wonderful!

  3. Kelly says:

    Love this!! My mom is on the hunt for photos of some of her old gems 🙂

  4. Carly Fields says:

    I love this feature!! I always enjoyed reading it in Lucky and am sad to hear they are no longer doing it. I will definitely send you a couple pics of my mama….she is definitely where I get my love of fashion. xo

    • Danielle says:

      i know! isn’t it a bummer that they don’t do it anymore? can’t wait to get your mama up here on the blog! xo

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