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Style Spotting: 2014 Academy Awards Superlatives * One of a Kind Style

Mar 3, 2014

This year I wasn’t as excited about the Academy Awards as I have been the last couple of years. I attribute this mostly to the fact that I haven’t seen as many of the nominated movies as I have in the past. So while I wasn’t cheering on any clear favorites, I definitely tuned in to watch the parade of beautiful coiffed, amazingly dressed celebrities stroll across the red carpet.

I will admit to taking a quick DVR break in the middle of the show but came back in time to catch the ‘Wizard of Oz’ tribute (loved Whoopi’s stockings and ruby slippers) and the final few awards. And while our hometown gal, Jennifer Lawrence, didn’t take home back-to-back Oscars, I loved her return to red (just this time with WAY less hair to do).

Since the Academy Awards are like the Prom on steroids (and with well-deserved awards), I decided to craft my final Diet Dr Pepper ‘One of a Kind’ Style (here’s the Golden Globes and Grammy versions) post around faux-superlatives. There were way too many memorable looks (and not so many misses) to narrow down to just one trend I loved so this way I can show off all my favorite with a bit of trademark ridiculousness.

I present to you, my 2014 Academy Awards Superlatives. I’m guessing you all will have a few disagreements, so let’s get some dialogue going in the comments. Also, who did I miss? (I’m thinking Bill Murray – Class Clown)

Best Personality: Jennifer Lawrence | Prettiest: Lupita Nyong’o | Most Unique: Amy Adams
Biggest Flirt: Leonardo DiCaprio | Most Attractive: Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie | Best Hair (as if there was any question): Jared Leto
Best Singer: Kristen Chenoweth | Cutest Couple: Olivia Wilde & Jason Sudekis
Sweetest: Kristen Bell | Most Changed: Matthew McConaughey; Sexiest: Camila Alves | Best Dressed: Kate Hudson (my personal favorite of the night)
Best Smile: Julia Roberts | Most Popular: Sandra Bullock

I was hoping to accompany this post with a little Oscar inspired look of my own but the 4 inches of snow and the ensuing chaos it throws this city into (seriously – we shut down like it’s our job these days), kept me from getting an outfit post together.

So I’m using the red (Jennifer Lawrence), white/silver (Kate Hudson) and navy blue (Sandra Bullock, Amy Adams) as a little inspiration to create an Academy Awards inspired look that would work in everyday life. Since a wedding is the most common ‘get all dolled up’ event that most gals I know go to, I threw together a spring wedding look. I even let yesterday’s rainy weather inspire adding a little color in case an April-shower presents itself on the way to a wedding.



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  1. Nnenna says:

    Love this- this is so cute! Kate Hudson was definitely on my best dressed list and Lupita also stole the show with her beautiful gown and moving speech.

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