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Style Spotting: Grammy ‘One of a Kind’ Style

Jan 27, 2014

The Grammy’s are something aren’t they? One thing is for sure, you never know what you’re going to get. Well, in my case, I know I am going to get a little bit of secondary embarrassment at some point and last night was no exception. Big {sarcastic} thanks go out to Sir Paul McCartney (mostly that epically horrible plastic surgery), Taylor Swift (girlfriend, we can always count on you to come through with a great awkward white girl dance) and Madonna (so many questions, so few answers, so little age defying moisturizer) for coming through in the clutch. Oh and Pharrell Williams’ hat (Elmer Fudd called…).

I mean I know people are going to get mad at me for saying this but Paul McCartney just needs to stop. He is looking more and more like Bruce Jenner everyday and the two of them are looking more and more like characters from the Beetlejuice waiting room by the moment.

But enough of the embarrassment, I could go on for days and I know you ain’t got time for that. On to the best dressed. If I could include Shakira from her album commercial, I might but since that seems a little unfair, here’s some of my favorites.

Tamar Braxton in Michael Costello | Miranda Lambert in Pamella Roland | Pink in Johanna Johnson
Cierra in Emilio Pucci
Nicole Trunfio – Unknown | Louise Roe – Unknown | Chrissy Teigen in Johanna Johnson

I’m back at it with Diet Dr Pepper talking One of a Kind style and from the moment I saw Cierra, I knew she would be my, hands down, favorite. There’s no pregnancy-bias here, little mama looked the best of anyone I saw last night (although Julia Roberts did look pretty fantastic too). Sparkly and sexy enough to be Grammy worth, cut perfectly to accentuate her figure and sublimely chic.

And just like at the Golden Globes, red made a big appearance. My favorite lady in red was, ironically enough, Pink but Tamar Braxton and Miranda Lambert (looking ever so fit) also killed it. Rounding out my favorites were Chrissy Teigen (although there’s something about her that bugs me otherwise) and Nicole Trunfio (love the mix of sequins and 70’s boho).

And since I can’t help but be inspired by the sequins and sparkle from the Grammy’s, I decided to break out this jacket today. I certainly can’t pull off the full look for work but nothing like gold coated sleeves to make any Monday a little brighter. Stay tuned for the full look later this week.

Who were some of your favorites? More importantly, what performances or outfits (or combinations of both) gave you a case of secondary embarrassment?

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  1. Jodie says:

    Dont hate on Chrissy! i love her!

  2. Kristina C says:

    I think Taylor Swift’s dress was my favorite. But I also loved Cierra’s and Colbie Caillat’s choices.
    What a beautiful sparkly jacket you’re wearing! It looks gorgeous with that lace top!

  3. Sarah Rose says:

    Love your green bag!

  4. Coco Cors says:

    Great picks! My favorite look was also Ciara- her dress was not only beautiful, but the fit complimented her so well.


  5. Carly Fields says:

    I was pretty underwhelmed in general by the display of Grammy fashions. HOWEVER…did you see Rhianna’s post-Grammy party gown?! Secondary embarrassment definitely resonated with me when Madonna flashed her grill because it looked more like rotten teeth. There was a small, inconspicuous moment when Mackelmore was called for best new artist and his fiancé gave the best ugly cry face of all time.

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