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Time to Party

Dec 29, 2016

I love party dresses. So much so that I wish I could throw parties just to wear them. I think more people should throw fancy parties. And when you do, will you pretty please invite me? Any excuse to get all dolled up.

Louisville gals, if you’ve made some last-minute New Year’s party plans but still don’t have a dress – you need to take that new bridge (it’s so pretty) over to Dress & Dwell in New Albany and snag this pretty little number. It’s under $100 and perfect for this weekend’s festivities. I’m keeping it in my closet for winter weddings too.

black-tulle-party-dress-new-years-eve-party-dress-lou-what-wear_1898black-tulle-party-dress-new-years-eve-party-dress-lou-what-wear_1899 black-tulle-party-dress-new-years-eve-party-dress-lou-what-wear_1900Dress & Dwell Whitney 3 Tier Black Dress | Steve Madden Tie Heels

I told you I’m on this big all black dressing kick and it’s real. Thinking of doing a post on how to avoid being too boring when wearing all black. I’m going to take off the next couple days to regroup before the new year. I know I’ve said this before but I am really going to try and be a little more structured about my posts. So that if you’re into beauty content, you know to check in on certain days. Same goes for outfits, Louisville-centric posts and shopping features. I’m also thinking of making the real-life content more of a regular feature, oh and The Bachelor is back next week so you know there’s that! I’m going to do my best to clear out some time this weekend to avoid my children (I mean that in the nicest way) and focus on planning out content. I’m sure I’ll end up hiding in my closet trying to work.

In the meantime, here’s to a very fun end to what has certainly been a crazy year. Raise a glass and enjoy these last few slow and laid back days of the holiday season.

black-tulle-party-dress-new-years-eve-party-dress-lou-what-wear_1896black-tulle-party-dress-new-years-eve-party-dress-lou-what-wear_1902black-tulle-party-dress-new-years-eve-party-dress-lou-what-wear_1894black-tulle-party-dress-new-years-eve-party-dress-lou-what-wear_1891black-tulle-party-dress-new-years-eve-party-dress-lou-what-wear_1903black-tulle-party-dress-new-years-eve-party-dress-lou-what-wear_1904black-tulle-party-dress-new-years-eve-party-dress-lou-what-wear_1901black-tulle-party-dress-new-years-eve-party-dress-lou-what-wear_1905black-tulle-party-dress-new-years-eve-party-dress-lou-what-wear_1895black-tulle-party-dress-new-years-eve-party-dress-lou-what-wear_1897Photos by Erin Trimble 



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