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Breaking from a Rut + Dealing with Doubt

Mar 5, 2019

Do you ever get so bogged down in a routine that you don’t even realize that you’re stuck? That you’ve just gotten so used to the daily grind that you’ve stopped pushing yourself in the way you wanted or intended to? That a routine, while wonderful in some instances, can make you complacent and downright boring?

Well I have and am.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I want to do with this site moving forward. To be totally honest, the main thought in my head the past few months has been, “am I too old for this?” Maybe it’s because it’s almost my {GULP} 35th birthday but I’ve wondered whether I can keep up with the blog, both mentally because managing all the things is exhausting but also whether I can keep up with this changing landscape. More importantly, do I want to?

It’s something that’s kept me from posting more frequently, that doubt and uncertainty. Beyond whether I want to keep up with it, I’ve wondered if the audience is still there. Lots of questions and not as many answers as I’ve let this sit on the backburner for a couple months now.

I’m thinking it’s time to pivot. As much as I love sharing outfits, clothes and products – I’m thinking it might be time to share more of things beyond those confines. More local spots. More local events. More musings on what it’s like to be a small business owner. Is that something you want to see though? Is there anyone out there(other than my girl Lynsey – she’s a much more loyal reader than my mom) who’s interested in that kind of thing? Bueller?!? Bueller!?!

Most of that is my fault though. You all have given me GREAT content ideas and it’s about time I actually did them. I’m considering doing a poll of favorite places too so that you all can have recommendations of random spots like nail salons, dry cleaners, alterations spots and the like – especially when new people move to town.

Honestly I’ve just let self-doubt hold me back from pushing beyond my comfort zone. I actually talked to Tabitha (my super amazing photographer who doubles as a defacto therapist on shoots) about this yesterday. Instead of resting on habits, I want to move into things that are more valuable and provide more of what you all are looking for.

Lightweight Pink Stripe Sweater
Madewell Skinny Ankle Jeans | Quay ‘On My Way’ Sunglasses
Vans Slip-on Sneakers
Dagne Dover AVA Bucket Bag

It’s hard to make the change and switch things up when you’ve gotten into a routine so that’s what I’m going to try and break in these next couple of months. Plus, with Derby coming up – it’s a good time to focus more on the local kind of content I’ve always strived to share over here.

I realize I’ll never be an insta-model. My body will never provide the kind of #fitspo the world needs. And my house will certainly never be worthy of the Marie Kondo stamp of approval. But that’s okay. For now, I’m going to do my best to be consistent while also sharing things beyond just the latest sale finds (although I do love a good sale find).

There’s been a lot of musings like this lately and it’s mostly me trying to give myself the pep talk to get back in the swing of things. Earlier this year, I was really jazzed to post – sharing things and people I love. I realize when I get excited about a post, you all tend to as well. So I’m going to work on bringing that same enthusiasm to everything I share over here. Even if it is just a sweater.

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