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Influenced: Five Products I Was Influenced to Buy and Try

Feb 19, 2019

First off, sorry it’s been quiet over here. I am working on updating my website (woo woo!) so it’s taken the priority to get things wrapped up with Kaitlyn from Love Kait studio. Cannot wait to show you the finished product… hopefully in the next week or so and just in time for Derby season!

Today’s post is a fun one for me. I feel like I spend a lot of time over here and on Instagram telling you all about products, places and restaurants to try. Well, I want to let you all know that I too get influenced ALL THE TIME. On blogs, FacebookTwitter and of course, Instagram. 

After randomly buying a makeup brush cleaner on Amazon the other day (more on that below), I thought it would be fun to share some of the products I’ve recently purchased (aka not sponsored) after being swayed by the internet’s power of persuasion. Some are winners and some I’m warning you to steer clear of, because what’s the point of buying things at 11:30 p.m. if you don’t share what’s actually good and what’s a total waste of funds?

Tula Skincare Purifying Cleanser + Hydrating Day & Night Cream

If you follow more than three bloggers on Instagram, you’ve probably seen them ranting and raving about Tula. I first came across it thanks to Grace at A Southern Drawl. When she first posted about it, I assumed it was just a partnership and she’d be on to something new again soon. But then she posted about it again, and again, and again. It was clear she was actually using it. And Grace has beautiful skin. I was interested but not swayed quite yet.

Then I saw Maddie from Otte Style post about it. Same thing as above. I was getting to the point where I was looking at it online consistently but couldn’t get myself to pull the trigger. Then I ran out of face wash.

It was time. So I dragged my kids into Ulta on one of our holiday movie trips to pick up one of the trial kits (I got this one). I totally expected to feel meh about it but figured this was the perfect time to give it a try. Plus, it was only $52 to try out all the products they were raving about.

You guys, I was influenced and I love it. I used the full kit everyday and after a month had gone through all four products. This rarely happens, I usually mix and match with skin care but I was hooked on this. I ended up re-ordering the cleanser (which lasts forever, I’ve had it for a month and have barely used half) and need to reorder the moisturizer. I also REALLY loved the illuminating serum. I’ve yet to reorder it, mostly because I have a half dozen other serums to try out right now but it’s on my list.

While using it my skin looked fresh, blemish free and much more even. I would say that committing to the whole routine was probably key and I would highly recommend it. I don’t have a promo code (cause #notsponsored) but I know Grace and Maddie do, so go check out their accounts for the hookup.

Quip Electric Toothbrush

Okay, so here is one where I was influenced to buy it AND influenced to ditch it. You all know I love when things are 1. visually appealing and 2. delivered directly to my door. Quip checked of both boxes. A beautiful, electric toothbrush that sent toothpaste and replacement brush heads to my house on the regular. Sign-me up.

I originally saw it on Jacey from Damsel in Dior’s instagram account and then I started getting a barrage of ads sent to my feed. The price was right and I wanted an electric toothbrush, it was a no-brainer to give it a try. I used my Quip for about two years with no complaints. Was it the best toothbrush ever? No. But it was nice, worked well (or so I thought) and the brushes were readily delivered to my doorstep.

Then, I saw one of my favorite bloggers – Grace from The Stripe – talking on her IG stories about a recent trip to her dentist where they told her the Quip was the worst toothbrush on the market. Ummm, what!?! Lately I’ve been really into dental hygiene since I heard that gum disease can lead to Alzheimer’s. Honestly, getting Alzheimer’s is one of my biggest fears, plus dementia runs in my family, so I’ll do anything I can to prevent it.

I immediately threw my Quip away and ran out to get a new toothbrush (more on that in a future post … since I love it so much it needs it’s on full review). Just to clarify too, it wasn’t like Grace just randomly mentioned it. She did a full series of posts from the dentist plus investigated it on her own. She’s someone whose opinion I really trust so I was on board to ditch mine without question.

So yes, I went full circle on this influencer experience.

RedDress Follow the Sun Rainbow Stripe Sweater

Hannah G. wears this sweater, so I wear this sweater.

You guys, I am in a full-on IG obsession with Hannah G. I think she is such a babe and she is my hands-down favorite from this season of The Bachelor. I can’t get enough of her and her style is on point. Clearly I could NEVER pull off the majority of stuff she wears but an oversized stripe sweater is right up my alley. And at $38 I obviously needed it (the things you convince yourself you need while late night online shopping).

It’s sold out right now but I JUST ordered mine so I bet it will be back in stock soon. Just hit that “add to waitlist” button if you want to be twinsies with me and Hannah G… or just Hannah G.

ESARORA Ice Roller for
Face & Eye

Ice rolling is so hot right now. You can hardly scroll through IG without someone posting their pretty jade one in a flat lay or waxing poetic about it in stories.

I’m not sure the first person I saw with this exact ice roller  (it may have been Nicole from What Nicole Wore). I do know I saw a bunch of people with the fancy jade roller but I wasn’t going to spend $50 on something I wasn’t sure about. But when I stumbled upon this $12 one, I was down to give it a try.

YOU GUYS. This is the best $12 I’ve ever spent. Well, actually $24 since my kids lost my first one and I immediately jumped on Amazon and got that Prime replacement within a couple days.

I LOVE it. Who knows if it’s improving my skin or tightening my wrinkles but it feels damn good.I break it out of the freezer, jump under my gravity blanket (oooo, need to do a post on that too) and literally, Netflix and chill. It is super relaxing and if it’s improving my skin, well that’s an added bonus.

It’s a multi-purpose tool too. When you’re a little (or a lot) hungover, break it out for some instant relief. It’s also a solid if you’re not feeling well or if you, or your kids, have a headache or a fever.

Go order one now and thank me later.

Automatic Makeup Brush Cleaner

Okay so in all honesty, I haven’t tried this yet since it just came in the mail on Saturday BUT I am super excited about it. This is my most recent influenced purchase and the one that inspired this post, so I had to include it.

I’ve seen this guy a couple times but once again, Nicole from What Nicole Wore sold me on it. The timing of it was really what tipped the scales. Last week, I went on a furious makeup clean out. I purged old, expired products. Cleaned off everything and re-organized all my products. To have a full fresh start, I wanted to clean my brushes but it was taking FOREVER.

Earlier that day, I saw Nicole post about ordering one of these brush cleaners – that basically swirls the brush around and gets all the product off in this little bowl. In my cleaning madness I remembered it, whipped out my phone and immediately purchased one on Amazon. Again, it was $12 so I figured I needed to give it a go.

I’ll stop back in and update this once I’ve had a chance to give it a go. I started to the other day but it needed batteries and I was too lazy to go grab some (#truth). Stay tuned for an update but in all honesty, I trust Nicole and she said it works so I’m sold.

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  1. Nicole Green says:

    OMG that ice roller is a Godsend. I’ve been slacking on using mine lately but you’re right, it’s the best after a night of debauchery. And have you gotten a chance to try the makeup brush cleaner yet?! I ordered the USB charged one bc I’m too lazy to get batteries haha.

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