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Mid-Week Break + Embroidered Everything

Jun 20, 2018

How is it Wednesday already? Where has this week gone? Some weeks go by soooo slow and some fly by- this one is going by faster than I’d like. There’s too much to do and not enough time left to do it all.

Honestly, I’m getting anxious because I’m heading home to Miami next week for a few days to celebrate my step-dad’s 70th birthday. A trip home already has its built in anxieties but trying to get everything done in advance has me with an even bigger anxiety stomach ache than normal.

Maybe I just have stomach aches on the brain because yesterday was so packed full of meetings that it left no time for lunch. Is lunch anyone else’s favorite meal of the day. If you’re a mom, you’re probably nodding ‘yes’ since it’s the only meal of the day you can eat alone without a tiny overlord staring you down as you chew while simultaneously asking you for a bite every six seconds. So this post is from happier days, one that involved a lunch trip to Vinaigrette Salad Kitchen.

I wish there was a Vinaigrette closer to my house and/or office because if so, I would probably stop in every other day. I’d tell you about my favorite options there but I’ve gotten the same thing the last three times I’ve gone – the Summer Harvest Grain Bowl. It’s delicious and I highly recommend it.

Fun fact: you can text your order in advance and just swing by to pick it up. Perfect for when you’re going to be in the area but don’t have much time or if you just want to beat the lunch crowd.

embroidered jacket * vinaigrette salad kitchen louisville

embroidered jacket * zara * vinaigrette salad kitchen

This post wasn’t supposed to be about salad though (clearly that’s how hungry I am), it was supposed to be about a trend I haven’t gotten enough of lately – embroidery. Put it on everything. Coverups, jackets, tops. Whatever it is, I’ll wear it.

This jacket is a ZARA score that was one of the greatest victories of my spring break Disney trip. The 30 minutes I spent in ZARA was the only solo time I scored on the trip and I was running through the store like I was a contestant on Super Market Sweep. I tried on about a million things and, of course, only had a couple winners but this was the clear favorite. The one that I had to have. If you’re like me and love it so much, you’re in luck. It’s still available and under $75.

As I was writing this, I realized that I can do a solo ZARA trip when I’m in Miami that doesn’t have to be limited to thirty minutes. Cue my happy dance. And just like that, my travel anxiety stomach ache is gone.


vinaigrette salad kitchen

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  1. Lora says:

    Oh how I love that place! The Maki Shrimp is always so so good! Green District is quite delish as well, but my personal preference will always be Vinaigrette. Also, that jacket looks great on you. So flattering!

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