Inspiration + Shopping: All The Trimmings

Tonight I’m hitting the road and heading to Charleston for my future sister-in-law, Mallory’s bachelorette festivities. And yes, I already know it’s a long drive. Nothing like a good old-fashioned road trip.

Anyways, in the mist of packing and looking for some sunshine inspiration, I’ve been lusting after all the tassel and pom-pom trimmed pieces out right now. Last year, I used that inspo to create these denim shorts but this year I’ve left the DIY behind (because now that maternity leave is long gone, there’s way less time for DIY’s) and am looking for the perfect little pom-pom numbers for summer.

If you’d rather embellish something of your own instead of shelling out a bunch of cash – there’s tons of tutorials out there but you can always just adapt my DIY to fit your needs. Just grab a spool of trim and sub out denim shorts for a blanket, shorts or the edge of a basic tee (I may even try to find time to do this one).

If you’re like me though and can’t make time for a sit down with your glue gun (or iron), I’ve rounded up some of my favorite options below. My tip when hunting for your own piece, go for the boho vibe over something that may look like it’s for a little girl. You don’t want someone thinking you stole your top from your 12 year old niece. Hey, or maybe you do so in that case- just do you.

pom-pom trim


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All the trimmings… 

Inspiration: How to Make a Floral Backdrop

If you stopped by anytime during the month of April, no doubt you saw the beautiful floral wall/backdrop we used for the Derby Dress of the Day series. In reading the comments and hearing feedback, it was clear that the backdrop stole the show on more than one occasion so I knew it needed a post of it’s own.

Do It Yourself Floral Wall * Floral Backdrop * Whole Sale Flowers (1)

When I set out brainstorming on ways to make this past year’s Derby series even better than last, I immediately knew I wanted to create some sort of whimsical backdrop. Something that captured the bright, fun spirit of spring but would compliment the dresses and headpieces without overpowering the scene. Enter Jaclyn Journey. Jaclyn is an insanely talented event planner and floral designer who just happens to be best pals and share studio space with Whitney Neal (the gal behind the lens of all my outfit pics). If you’re getting married sometime soon, call her. She is truly wonderful to work with and her aesthetic is both dreamy and aspirational but also inviting and comfortable. 

I’ve wanted to work more with Jaclyn for forever and this project proved to be the perfect opportunity. After a couple meetings and some shared Pinterest brainstorming (see the inspiration here), Jaclyn had it all figured out. With a collection of blooms from the team at, she created the amazing wall that became the backdrop for almost the entire Derby series. The backdrop was so beautiful that it was a little heartbreaking to tear it all down at the end. I wished I could just relocate it to my house (as crazy out of place as it would be) to just enjoy it a little longer.

A backdrop like this would be beautiful for a wedding – at the alter or as a photo booth backdrop –  a spring party or bridal shower. You can make it your own by picking a color palette to match your event or changing up the sizing. Check out Jaclyn’s amazing work and then get the steps on making one yourself.

Do It Yourself Floral Wall * Floral Backdrop * Whole Sale Flowers (2)
Do It Yourself Floral Wall * Floral Backdrop * Whole Sale Flowers (3)
Do It Yourself Floral Wall * Floral Backdrop * Whole Sale Flowers (4)
Do It Yourself Floral Wall * Floral Backdrop * Whole Sale Flowers (5)
Do It Yourself Floral Wall * Floral Backdrop * Whole Sale Flowers (6)

What you’ll need: 

* Photo Backdrop Stand 
* Muslin Backdrop Paper

* Fresh Flowers of your Choice – We used approx. 5 bunches (mix of real and silk).
Jaclyn used a mix that included lots of fresh garden roses from great team at  but you could use silk flowers for something more permanent/long-lasting. Tip: Go for bigger blooms that make a bigger visually impact.
* Water Tubes 


1. Set up the photo stand with backdrop paper. Secure in place with clamps.
Note: Whitney already had this in her studio to use but if you’re not wanting to splurge on a stand, you could attempt to hang it with clamps from a wire. You’re just going to need some space between the wall and the backdrop. Making sure your stand/backdrop is secure is the most important part of the process. You don’t want the entire thing to collapse. 

You could probably use burlap or another fabric as a backdrop if you wanted, you’ll just need scissors to cut small holes in the material. 

2. Cut flowers.
Jaclyn cut the stems down so that they were around 3 or 4 inches long.
Tip: Go for bigger blooms that make a bigger visually impact. 

3. Create a game plan. Before you just start poking holes and placing the flowers in, lay out some of the buds in clusters so you can get an idea of the look and tinker with it before you place them.
Once you poke that hole, you can’t take it back! 

4. Get your water tubes ready.
Having these filled and ready to go will make the placement more seamless and will save time. 

5. Poke a hole in the paper and place bloom through.
At this point, you can take a step back and determine whether you want to change up the flower. 

6. Secure in back with water tube.

7. Repeat until complete.
I suggest stepping back a bunch to check out your progress and make sure you’re getting the look you want. 

Floral Backdrop by Jaclyn Journey 
Photos by Whitney Neal
Flowers c/o

Inspiration: Flower Delivery

One of the girls in my office has already received flowers TWICE this week. Yeah, they rest of us were all wondering who the second delivery was for and then it went to her … again. Getting flowers is one of those silly girly things that I really do enjoy. You can keep your chocolate (sike – i just buy that for myself), never gonna wear it lingerie and cheesy teddy bears but I’ll take the flowers.

I’ve got this board on Pinterest that’s called “happy love.” It’s basically comprised of two things: quotes (and the fun typography their done in) and flowers. Love me some flowers. Besides the double delivery to our office, I think I’m on a flower kick because I’m meeting with Jaclyn Journey on Monday to talk about a fun project we’re going to do together for the upcoming Derby Dress of the Day feature (79 days til Derby – can you believe it?). I’m always telling Jaclyn she needs to do a book of all her beautiful arrangements. I, for one, would pre-order a copy now if she said she was doing it. So so pretty.

So in lieu of a delivery, I’m pulling together some of my favorite florals. The best part is that these won’t wilt or smell weird in a couple days.

Image: Instagram @juliahengel

Image via

Florals: Jaclyn Journey; Image: Whitney Neal

Florals: Abany Bauer; Image: Heather Payne Photography


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