Inspiration: A Colorful Road Trip to Charleston x Bend the Rules

When it came to taking another road trip to Charleston, I was kind of spent. Did I really want to spend another 9+ hours in the car (times two)? Wasn’t it going to be expensive? Most importantly, can I get off work again? In the end, the lure of the beach, celebrating good friends and a kid-free getaway won me over.

Seriously, a road trip may be one of the only times Drew and I can sit in the car and have a conversation that doesn’t involve answering a hundred and one questions from the master inquisitor also known as our son.

When it comes to the blog, Drew is pretty hands off. Supportive, for sure but not super interested in the day-today. I can’t say I blame him. But I thought it might be fun to do something a little collaborative for our trip to Charleston (no, he will not be doing any outfit posts). Bend the rules a little and get him involved in sharing some of his creative side. Totally inspired by the color in this HP x360 Behind the Scenes video, we each got behind the lens to share our trip to the beach. I may or may not have helped him edit his a little but it’s cool to see the difference in what catches our eye. Check out the video here to see where we’re coming from.

And in order to really enjoy our road trip (and inspired by HP’s #BendTheRules campaign), we decided to break a few rules to be mildly less responsible.

* Checking in Less.  No one loves their kiddos more than me but sometimes a little break helps you recharge. Thankfully we have very little to worry about since they are in really good hands. A quick morning check in lets us see their faces and tell ’em we love them before letting us both enjoying a little time apart.

* Letting Work Go. I’m REALLY bad about putting up an out of office or letting other people take the lead while I’m gone. For two days I figured I could channel my inner Elsa and Let. It. Go. It will all be there Monday when I get back.

* No Penny Pinching on Experiences. Yes, we are cheap when it comes to rooms or driving vs. flying but once we get where we’re going, it’s time to really soak in the fun. Rather than nickel and dime on good food and fun, we pick a place we’ve heard is great or really want to go so that the experience is memorable.

Now that we’ve got that covered… on to the pictures – any clue who’s are who’s.

Wild Dunes Resort Isle of Palms
Wild Dunes Resort – We stayed here for the wedding and it was amazing. Such a pretty resort community. Made me want to rent one of these pastel colored condos and stay another week.
Palm Tree
When you’re on the Isle of Palms…
Charleston-South-Carolina-Color-Explore-CHS-HP-x36 (3)
Wedding Ready (Dress is from H&M) Note to Self: Gotta Quit Slouching
Charleston-South-Carolina-Color-Explore-CHS-HP-x36 (4)
Ice Cream Treats because when it feels like it’s 101+ outside, you need to cool off.
Charleston-South-Carolina-Color-Explore-CHS-HP-x36 (5)
Wild Dunes Beach Toy Game on Point
Charleston-South-Carolina-Color-Explore-CHS-HP-x36 (6)
Wild Dunes Resort – Isle of Palms, SC

Charleston-South-Carolina-Color-Explore-CHS-HP-x36 (7)

Charleston-South-Carolina-Color-Explore-CHS-HP-x36 (8)
Home Team BBQ on Sullivan’s Island. So delicious. Start with a Game Changer (their version of a Pain Killer). It’s frozen and delicious, then get all the wings. They do theirs with a delicious dry rub and serve them with a house made ranch. You won’t be dissapointed.
Charleston-South-Carolina-Color-Explore-CHS-HP-x36 (9)
Sullivan’s Island
Charleston-South-Carolina-Color-Explore-CHS-HP-x36 (10)
Isle of Palms Dream Homes
Charleston-South-Carolina-Color-Explore-CHS-HP-x36 (12)
King Street
Charleston-South-Carolina-Color-Explore-CHS-HP-x36 (13)
Even the bikes are pastel down here.
Charleston-South-Carolina-Color-Explore-CHS-HP-x36 (14)
Spotted Louisville’s own Clayton & Crume at M.Dumas

Charleston-South-Carolina-Color-Explore-CHS-HP-x36 (15)Charleston-South-Carolina-Color-Explore-CHS-HP-x36 (19)
Charleston-South-Carolina-Color-Explore-CHS-HP-x36 (11)

King Street at Dusk
Charleston-South-Carolina-Color-Explore-CHS-HP-x36 (18)
Husk. Picturesque setting, amazing service , crazy delicious food. Try the fried chicken skins.
Charleston-South-Carolina-Color-Explore-CHS-HP-x36 (20)
The Bar at Husk. If you can’t get in to Husk for dinner, stop in here for a quick cocktail and get the pimento cheese on homemade benne crackers.

Charleston-South-Carolina-Color-Explore-CHS-HP-x36 (16)

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by HP x360 but all opinions, thoughts and randomness are my own. As always, I would never lead you astray and only partner with brands I trust and respect.

Inspiration + Shopping: All The Trimmings

Tonight I’m hitting the road and heading to Charleston for my future sister-in-law, Mallory’s bachelorette festivities. And yes, I already know it’s a long drive. Nothing like a good old-fashioned road trip.

Anyways, in the mist of packing and looking for some sunshine inspiration, I’ve been lusting after all the tassel and pom-pom trimmed pieces out right now. Last year, I used that inspo to create these denim shorts but this year I’ve left the DIY behind (because now that maternity leave is long gone, there’s way less time for DIY’s) and am looking for the perfect little pom-pom numbers for summer.

If you’d rather embellish something of your own instead of shelling out a bunch of cash – there’s tons of tutorials out there but you can always just adapt my DIY to fit your needs. Just grab a spool of trim and sub out denim shorts for a blanket, shorts or the edge of a basic tee (I may even try to find time to do this one).

If you’re like me though and can’t make time for a sit down with your glue gun (or iron), I’ve rounded up some of my favorite options below. My tip when hunting for your own piece, go for the boho vibe over something that may look like it’s for a little girl. You don’t want someone thinking you stole your top from your 12 year old niece. Hey, or maybe you do so in that case- just do you.

pom-pom trim


Images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

All the trimmings… 

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