Inspiration: Red, White & Blue

Are you all as bummed as I am about the US loss in the World Cup yesterday?  That’s why I’m so slow to post today  – okay, not really but it sounds better than just trying to check a bunch of stuff off my to-do list.

Even though Team USA lost, it’s not time to pack up your patriotic gear just yet. Fourth of July weekend is full of bbq’s, get togethers with friends, firework viewing and nights out.  For the first time in a couple years, we won’t be hanging poolside for the holiday weekend so I’m mining my closet for red, white and blue to wear while we spend the weekend in New York. We’re heading up there for the long weekend to celebrate a friend’s wedding (can’t wait) but get the added bonus of seeing the Statue of Liberty and a few fireworks on the fourth.

I, for one, love a good red, white and blue ensemble. I’ll even throw in some flag gear from time to time. But if  sporting the stars and stripes aren’t really your thing, it’s super easy to get in the spirit with stuff already in your closet. Image: Happily Grey

Image: Brooklyn Blonde
Image: E! Online.
Image: The Classy Cubicle

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Inspiration + Shopping: Black Tie Affair

When it comes to traveling, I’m a really bad packer. I over pack but then when I get where I’m going, I feel like I have nothing to wear. This realization has made me ever-so-anxious to pack up in a couple weeks and head to New York for a friends wedding. Add to it, the wedding is Black Tie (technically it’s “black tie optional” but you know everyone is going black tie).

Since I don’t attend many black tie weddings and because I’m still not quite fitting into the dresses in my closet, I’m on the hunt for something to wear. I’m hoping to find something and absolutely fall in love with it so I don’t get that last minute, “I hate this” or “This doesn’t look right” feeling right before walking out the door. Instead I’m hoping for the totally confident, I love this dress so I know everyone else will feeling that is sure to make any night start off on the right note.

To nail that feeling, I’ve combed through Pinterest for some inspiration and have begun to narrow down some dress options.

Since it’s a summer black tie wedding, I’m tempted to throw in some color and print but more than likely I’ll settle on something more subtle (and slimming!). I’m thinking of giving the Alice + Olivia bow number in the middle a try (especially since it’s on sale) but can’t quite decide. We’ll see when it gets here if it provides the aforementioned perfect feeling that I’m looking for.

black tie1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Inspiration: Summer Loving

Hey! I’m back after a little hiatus welcoming this gal into the world. Hope you guys enjoyed the guest posts – it was great getting a little help from my blogging friends while taking time to get Reese used to our crazy life. She’s taking it all in stride with lots of snoozing, sleeping, eating and more sleeping. I’ll definitely share more about the experience in the coming weeks – we’re getting her pic snapped this week along with some shots of her room that I’m looking forward to sharing (just gotta check those last few to-do’s off the list to get it finished).

One thing that has admittedly been tough has been coming to terms with the post-babe body. It’s been a HUGE relief not to be pregnant but I’m in that phase where I’m still working my way back to my closet. In the time couple days I was off before heading into the hospital, I cleaned out my drawers and closet which made me excited to break out my summer clothes and was some serious motivation to get back in shape. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes (seriously, I will – I’m starting up a fitness series with a local gym in a couple weeks).

For most of you guys, I’m sure summer started with Memorial Day weekend but since I spent it in the hospital, this past weekend felt like the real start of summer for me. I was able to get out of the house and spend some time poolside on Saturday and Sunday. It was nice to soak up a little sun and reconnect with friends. Now that it truly feels like summer, I’ve been scouting out lots of summer outfit inspiration. I’m hoping to make the most of what I already have so I’ll definitely be trying to recreate these looks in the coming weeks.

Image: Sincerely Jules

Image: seersucker + saddles

Image: Found on Pinterest

Image: via Pinterest

Image: My Style Diaries

Image: Atlantic-Pacific

Image: via Pinterest

Image: Happily Grey

Image: Sequins & Stripes

Image: Natasha Oakley Blog

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