Inspiration: Rainy Day

It’s raining, it’s pouring around these parts and I love it. I know a lot of people hate the rain but I dig it. Obviously it’s way better when I get to enjoy it from my couch, where I’m enjoying an afternoon being lazy but even from my desk, I can’t help but find the silver lining in a big ole rain cloud.

Unfortunately for me, the view from my office park window doesn’t come close to resembling any of the far more romantic rainy day scenes below. If your view is similarly bleak, one look at the pics below and you’ll want to imagine yourself looking chic in a trench coat with a bright red umbrella (or is that just me? okay that’s cool too).

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Inspiration: Black & White for Baby

In between all of the Derby talk, I’ve slowly been inching closer to my due date. After hitting the 30 week mark and realizing I hadn’t done a single thing to prepare the new babe’s room, a small sense of panic began to set in. I know I still have plenty of time (and it’s not like the baby will notice that the room isn’t totally ready) but I’m hoping to get things all prepared before the due date so I’m not stuck messing with it while also trying to care for a small human and manage to sneak some sleep in every once in a while.

For a while I was pretty uninspired but then I stumbled upon this picture on Pinterest and the wheels were set in motion on the decor. We’re going with white walls, some black and gray accents with pale pink throw in (I’m sure we’ll add a little more colorful accents here and there). Here’s what we’re thinking so far…

Looking for a little more inspiration, head over to pinterest - I’ve been pinning away on this puppy.

Inspiration: Going Green

I’ve never met someone who said they hated the color green. That being said, you don’t see people wearing it as often as some other colors in the crayon box so getting dressed for March’s biggest holiday can be a little tricky.

If you’re going to a St. Patrick’s Day extravaganza, I saw go all out (silly socks, funny shamrock ears, green sequins/glitter).  But if you’re just looking to figure out a way to make green work with what you’ve already got hanging up in your closet, I’m here to help with a little inspiration to help get the green gears going. And whether you go with some green jeans or just a add a green accessory – don’t forget to throw on something come March 17th or you’ll be getting a big St. Patty’s Day pinch from your Irish pals.


Image: Frankie Hearts Fashion

Image: The Chriselle Factor
Image: Gal Meets Glam 

Image: Extra Petite
Image: Damsel in Dior

Image: A Little Dash of Darling

And just because…




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