Shopping + Louisville: St. Matthews Shop the Block Sidewalk Sale

There are sales and then there is the St. Matthews Shop the BlockSidewalk Sale. We’re not talking skimpy mark downs, we’re talking seriously on sale, big time deals. Last year, I snagged a Shoshanna dress for less than $100. I may or may not have already snuck into Blink and scored a couple Joie sweaters marked WAY WAY down (this one was $60!).

The sale starts tomorrow (June 24th) and runs through the 28th. Blink, Clodhoppers, Colonial Designs, Summer Eliason and more of the shops along Lexington Road will be offering big deals (up to 80% off) on their spring/summer merchandise.

Stop by sometime this week and check it out. It’s especially worthwhile if you’ve got a summer wedding or other event that requires a fun dress. And if you go, let ‘em know you heard about it from Lou What Wear!

Shopping: Bella Bliss Warehouse Sale

I had the best job in college. I babysat two adorable little kiddos in the afternoons and in the mornings I worked for their mom at Bella Bliss Clothing. Since then (and I don’t want to admit how long it’s been), those kiddos have gotten pretty big and so has Bella Bliss.

Now that I have two little kiddos, it’s fun to pick out things for them from their adorable line. That’s why you’ll find me in Lexington next week combing through their annual Warehouse Sale. If you’ve got kids, nieces or nephews or need to buy some baby presents – I suggest you mark your calendar for June 25th – June 27th and head over to Sayre School (194 N. Limestone) in Lexington to snag some sweet, super soft and seriously cute kids clothes on big time sale. Items will be as low as $5 and nothing will be more than $30 (that includes their precious sweaters).

Even better, the sale isn’t just a way to move out the old and bring in the new but Bella Bliss uses it as an opportunity to raise money for charity. This year it’s benefiting Kosair Children’s Hospital here in Louisville. It’s especially important to them because Katherine, the owner’s daughter and the sweet little girl (that’s her on the far left as a munchkin and in the glasses all grown up in the big picture) that I babysat, spent a lot of time there during her first three years.

All the details are below. Just remember no strollers allowed.

Shopping: Colorfully Coordinated

Remember back in elementary school when you were SO concerned about everything matching perfectly, or was that just me? I went through this phase where my scrunch socks (you know you had a pair) had to match my leggings. Also, despite the fact that I lived in Miami where it was regularly sweltering, there were times when I would rock two pairs of socks, layered, to match my ‘fit. It was ridiculous. And I loved it.

I haven’t really been THAT concerned with matching since then… until now.

A couple weeks ago, I had lunch with Beth and she mentioned her hunt for the perfect coordinated short suit. Since I love a good clothing scavenger hunt and since we’re getting together again today, I thought I’d round up my finds.

When it comes to these, I’m opting out of the crop top options (but if you can rock it, by all means do). They’re just not right for my lifestyle (or body) now. I’m a bigger fan of the blazer options because it gives you the option of throwing in a little bit of solid to break up the prints.

I’m not quite sure where I’d wear the short/blazer combo – maybe a wedding or baby shower or girl’s night out. But I know I could get some solid use out of a cute skirt/top combo. Break the pieces apart or rock them together for work or even a wedding.

How do you all feel about the matchy matchy trend? You biting this one or letting it pass you by?


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