Shopping: Shopbop Friends & Family

Just because I’ve given up shopping for October doesn’t mean you have to. Shopbop is having their semi-annual Friends & Family sale which is the best time to bite the bullet on investment pieces you’ve been thinking about but couldn’t quite justify. I’ve rounded up some of my favorites as an exercise in “pretend” shopping.

Don’t worry though, I’m keeping it real and staying clear of seriously pricey duds. Everything below is under $200 (except a couple pairs of jeans – you wear those all the time so you can splurge) + there are no one-and-done items. I looked for stuff that you can wear the heck out of for more than just one season.

The sale ends on the 16th at midnight… happy shopping!

Jackets & Coats…

Tops & Sweaters…

Boots & Shoes…

Denim & Dresses…

Shopping: Throwing Shade

Is it bad that I am just now recovering from the long weekend? Probably.

I’m pretty sure I need a weekend to recover from this past weekend. Thankfully it’s Wednesday. Mostly I want to throw on a pair of sunglasses that make me invisible just like Julian’s in Big Daddy. Instead I’ll have to settle for a pair that just keep the world safe from my tired eyes.

Honestly though, I am on the hunt for a new pair (my current pair have a big ‘ole scratch right in the middle. boo) and am torn between going with something more classic and something a little more playful (especially after sporting these). I don’t mind spending a little more on sunglasses since you wear them ALL. THE. TIME. But I also gotta LOVE them so I don’t accidentally leave them somewhere and mostly so I protect them with my life (that still doesn’t save them from my propensity for losing damn near everything). Seriously, forget the ‘find my phone’ feature, can someone create some sort of ‘find my sunglasses’ app? I need that.

throwing shade
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1 | 2 | 3
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Shopping: Lust vs. Must – Biker Zip Jeans

I love when a good lust vs. must falls in my lap. It’s been a while since I shared one of these but this biker-zip jeans one was too good to pass up.

I originally saw these zip detail jeans at J.Crew and I will confess to buying them BUT then I stumbled on this WAY cheaper pair at Old Navy, snagged them too. And after wearing them a couple times,  I think I prefer them. They fit really well and sit nicely on the hips, meaning not a lot of tugging/adjusting when sitting and standing. If I hadn’t already taken the J.Crew ones to be altered, I would probably return them.

When it comes to trendier pieces like this, I love sticking to lower cost options to test drive the trend. Then if it sticks around or you really fall in love with it, you can splurge on a pricier item. Gray denim and zip-detail denim are everywhere right now but if you’re not willing to shell out $100+ for a pair, check out these options below. I will say that the lusts are not super pricey just more than you might want to shell out for an item like this.

biker zip jeansLust: Sanctuary ‘Civilian’ Jeans | Madewell Skinny Skinny Jeans: Biker Zip Edition |
Not Pictured but Also Awesome – J.Crew Sateen Toothpick Jeans with Zips (25% off now) 

Must: Old Navy The Rockstar Zip Pocket Super Skinny Jeans | ASOS Vila Zip Detail Jeans (originally $90 but marked down to $30)

More Zip-Details & Gray Options:

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