Favorite Things: Back to School Sneakers


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How great is back to school shopping? Growing up, I always loved our annual trek to track down everything on my school supply list and then finishing up by picking out a fresh new pair of sneakers.

The night before the first day of school, I’d pack up my backpack, lay out my outfit (the original flat lay) and of course, my new shoes. No matter how far in advance we went shopping, those shoes didn’t hit the pavement until the first day.

It’s been a long time since I’ve gone back to school shopping (let’s not talk about exactly how long) but I’m excited to get back in the game now that D3 is starting kindergarten.

We haven’t gone for the pencils and markers yet but we’ve already crossed off the most important item on his back to school wish list – new sneakers. We hit up Shoe Carnival last week to try on a million pairs before settling on our favorites. Yes, I picked out a pair too because… shoes.

I hadn’t been to Shoe Carnival in a while (don’t act like you don’t remember spinning the wheel) and was really impressed with the selection and even happier with the prices. Drew was able to get two pairs of shoes – these Nikes and a pair of Adidas – I grabbed a new pair of Nikes and Reese got some fresh pink Nikes all for $160. Yup, you read that right – four pairs for well under $200. I can’t say enough about the giant selection at Shoe Carnival. A lot of times when I go shopping for sneakers for the kids, it’s all light up pairs, super hero styles and knock off brands. That was definitely not the case there – so many options in colors that you and your kids will both like.

The ladies options were just as good. I would have probably left with a couple more pairs if Drew hadn’t been on my case about trying on so many shoes. We were both a little too excited to wait until the first day to break out our new shoes – sorry for partying. Reese, on the other hand, is being a little more patient about her new pairs – stay tuned for pics of her pretty in pink pair.

Shoe Carnival Back to School Shoe Shopping_1063Shoe Carnival Back to School Shoe Shopping_1069My Sneakers: Nike FS Lite Run 3 Print in Black/Peach/Blue |
On D3: Nike Dual Fusion in Orange 

Shoe Carnival Back to School Shoe Shopping_1064Shoe Carnival Back to School Shoe Shopping_1066 Shoe Carnival Back to School Shoe Shopping_1072Shoe Carnival Back to School Shoe Shopping_1077Shoe Carnival Back to School Shoe Shopping_1076 Shoe Carnival Back to School Shoe Shopping_1074 Shoe Carnival Back to School Shoe Shopping_1075Shoe Carnival Back to School Shoe Shopping_1073 Shoe Carnival Back to School Shoe Shopping_1068Shoe Carnival Back to School Shoe Shopping_1062Photos by Sunni Wigginton

Outfit Post: Carry It All with Dagne Dover

It’s official. My maternity leave is over. Wah Wah.

Okay, in all honesty I’m making it seem way worse than it actually is. Luckily, I really like my job and the people I work with so other than some sadness over not getting to hang full-time with baby Blake anymore, I’m not really bummed about getting back to work. I made quiet the morning of it too. I tried to get myself put together more than usual (which means I paid attention while blow drying my hair and putting on make-up) and did a quick stop at Target to pick up some new office supplies. That paper section really got the best of me (got this and this… and maybe these – I couldn’t resist). I also totally cleaned out my office first thing when I got in so it kind of feels like the first day of school.

Especially since last night I packed up my new Dagne Dover tote with all my work gear – it’s basically like my fancy, grown-up backpack. I got the 15-inch tote and it has ALL THE POCKETS. One for your laptop, a handful for pens, a special pocket for your phone, cord for your keys (cause you know they always get lost on the bottom and that is the worst) and my favorite feature of all – a pocket/holder for your water bottle. It also zips up so you can hide away all your mess of stuff so people don’t think you are a hoarder on wheels (I hate when I go to meetings with a tote and people can see the clutter inside you bag).Plus this pink color is super pretty and goes with everything. Basically, it is like a dream come true.

And since there are pockets for days, it’s become the prettiest little diaper bag too. I think having a “diaper bag” is kind of a waste because you really don’t need THAT MUCH stuff. I guess you could think of things to throw in for the sake of it but personally, I think it’s unnecessary. Rather than spend a bunch of money on a bag you only carry for a few months that isn’t very attractive, splurge on something like this that you can still carry when your baby is no longer a baby. I have one dedicated pocked in here for the baby essentials I need for emergencies – diapers, wipes (these Honest to-go packs are my favorites because they take up no room), a back-up onesie and changing pad. This way I can pick her up from daycare and run errands or take her straight to dinner without worry about running home first. We’ll see how often we can make that happen though. I’m guessing most days I’ll just be trying to make it home in one piece – say a prayer for me.

Dagne Dover 15-inch tote Pale Pink Stingray (1)Dagne Dover – The 15-inch Tote in Pale Pink Stingray c/o
(this color is limited edition so if you want one, order it before it’s gone)
Banana Republic Tweed Cropped Jacket (on sale now; love this one too)| Stripe Tee from Dress & Dwell | Banana Republic Avery Black Crop Pants | Steve Madden Varcityy Black Heels (seen before here in nude)| J.Crew Tassel Necklace (sold out; similar here)| Ray-Ban Aviators from Ditto (get your first month membership free with code LOUWHATWEAR)

Dagne Dover 15-inch tote Pale Pink Stingray (2)Dagne Dover 15-inch tote Pale Pink Stingray (3)Dagne Dover 15-inch tote Pale Pink Stingray (4)Dagne Dover 15-inch tote Pale Pink Stingray (7)Dagne Dover 15-inch tote Pale Pink Stingray (8)Dagne Dover 15-inch tote Pale Pink Stingray (9)Dagne Dover 15-inch tote Pale Pink Stingray (11)Photos by Sunni Wigginton 

Inspiration: Make It Nice * Living Room Updates

We moved into our house at the end of January and six months later, we still haven’t, in the words of Dorinda Medley, made it nice.

If I had my way (and the wallet that went with it), I would have the whole places decorated and done. But unfortunately for us all, furniture is expensive and creating a space that you truly love takes time. Yes, I know patience is a virtue. I just wish I had it.

After a couple months, I bit the bullet and bought a new couch. It’s a gorgeous modern but still comfy sofa with chaise from Interior Define (you may have seen it on snapchat last week) . It came in last week and I am obsessed. As a quick side note: it’s an awesome company to order from. The couches are all custom made, they have tons of fabrics, they are really high quality and there is free shipping. But anyways…  that’s about all that’s going on in our living room right now.

With the biggest buy out of the way, I’m trying to get a game plan together on what to do with the rest of the room and then slowly work through finding, buying and ultimately, creating a space that’s homey, comfortable but also looks put together. I’m going for a mix (aren’t we all). I little mid-century modern, a little classic and a little boho. Most importantly I want it to fit our family and be livable. That’s a lot of boxes to check. Wish me luck.

Since I got good feedback on my master bedroom inspiration post (although I still haven’t done much in that space either… wah wah), I figured I’d share what’s inspiring me as I tackle the living room. When (or if) it gets finished, I’ll be sure to share pics.

Living Room Inspiration (1)Living Room Inspiration (3)Living Room Inspiration (4)Living Room Inspiration (5)Living Room Inspiration (6)Living Room Inspiration (15)Living Room Inspiration (7)Living Room Inspiration (8)Living Room Inspiration (9)Living Room Inspiration (10)Living Room Inspiration (11)Living Room Inspiration (12)Living Room Inspiration (13)Living Room Inspiration (14)Living Room Inspiration (17)Living Room Inspiration (16)Images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 

Outfit Post: Pumped Up Kicks

Lately I’ve been buying a lot of shoes – especially sneakers. Man oh man I love sneakers. Always have, always will.

I do think I may be treading into obsessive territory though. The other day Drew made me count out how many sneakers I’d bought in the last couple months. Let’s just say it’s more than a handful. {Insert monkey covering eyes emoji}

The deal on these New Balance 530’s at Madewell was too good to pass up. That’s the good thing about having giant feet – those size 10’s are usually the last ones left and hence, the most marked down. There had to be at least one benefit to having boat size feet.

Yeah I know they are kinda grandpa-ish but I had to have them. I bought them knowing I’d get more wear out of them this fall and although I’m not wishing away these (crazy) hot days, I can’t wait to break them out for football games and other weekend running around (but not actually going for a run).

If you think these are a little too old man for your style (I get that), I’ve rounded up some more options in both some fun color combos and some more traditional colors. If you do order a pair, I think they run a little big so I would order a half size down.

New Balance 530 Women's Sneakers (4)Linen Tee from Dress & Dwell |  Banana Republic Skinny Ankle Jean | New Balance 530 Sneakers (see here and here for more of my New Balance love)

New Balance 530 Women's Sneakers (2)New Balance 530 Women's Sneakers (6)New Balance 530 Women's Sneakers (5)New Balance 530 Women's Sneakers (7)Photos by Whitney Neal

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