Outfit Post: Dress + Vest

Yesterday I mentioned that I spent the weekend in Atlanta for the Southern Blog Society conference. Well today I’m sharing what I wore to the main event on Saturday which included a “Coffee Talk” session of speakers followed by a delicious lunch hosted by ASOS.

Getting dressed for one of these events is crazy stressful, it’s like competitive dressing. I was fully prepared for my outfit to get the up-and-down so I wanted to make sure I didn’t have any doubts about what I wore (cause if you do, you’re going to regret your outfit every time someone gives you the once over). Adding to the stress is the fact that half of the stuff in my closet still doesn’t fit – so I had to call in the reserves and borrow a handful of dresses from my friend Megan. I left her house with a bunch of options and this one fit the bill (which means it was both cute and literally, fit).

I’d been on the hunt for a white blazer vest for a while but refused to shell out big bucks for one since I’m unsure of the length of this trend. I found this one on the sale rack at Target ($13!) and immediately, and impulsively, added it to my run for Windex and toothpaste. Happens every time – go for one thing, leave $75 poorer.

It was a crazy hot day so this ended up working out perfectly and I avoided passing out from heat stroke while Grace snapped these pics.

 Summer Outfits * Brunch Outfits * Summer Dresses * White Vest (10)Multi-Color Dress: Alice + Olivia; White Vest: Target; Necklace: Bauble Bar (similar); Grey Heels: ZARA (old); Bag: c/o Galian; Belt: J.Crew; Bracelets: Lily & Laura c/o 9th & Elm

These bracelets were on my wrist all weekend. I found them at 9th & Elm which carries all kinds of handmade and independent designers. You have to act fast because once it’s gone, it’s gone but they have tons of amazing stuff. Can’t find something you love one day, head back and you’re sure to find something you love. I’m digging this scarf and this perfect for poolside hat.

Summer Outfits * Brunch Outfits * Summer Dresses * White Vest (6)Summer Outfits * Brunch Outfits * Summer Dresses * White Vest (13)Summer Outfits * Brunch Outfits * Summer Dresses * White Vest (8)Summer Outfits * Brunch Outfits * Summer Dresses * White Vest (9)Summer Outfits * Brunch Outfits * Summer Dresses * White Vest (2)Summer Outfits * Brunch Outfits * Summer Dresses * White Vest (5)Summer Outfits * Brunch Outfits * Summer Dresses * White Vest (1)Summer Outfits * Brunch Outfits * Summer Dresses * White Vest (3)Summer Outfits * Brunch Outfits * Summer Dresses * White Vest (11)Images: Grace {A Southern Drawl}

This dress is borrowed from last season but here’s some similar options to check out:

Outfit Post: Watercolored

This weekend was a whirlwind.

Grace {A Southern Drawl} and I hit the road on Friday and headed to Atlanta for the Southern Blog Society Conference. It was a lot of fun but also felt like sorority rush on acid. Lots of catching up with friends and meeting a ton of new people. It’s always a strange thing to really meet people that you’ve “met” online through blogs, instagram and other assorted social media. That being said it was great to finally put names, faces and voices all together and after a weekend jam packed with activities (plus twelve hours in the car), I’m spent. I’ll do a full recap later this week once I’ve recovered and more importantly, unpacked but you can see a little of what we were up to over here.

I actually wore this outfit last week when we were in New York for the wedding. It was perfect to transition from wandering the streets and exploring to grabbing a casual dinner on our free day before all the wedding events. I bought this skirt as part of my wishful thinking shopping while pregnant so I was pumped to get into it.

And fellow Kentucky fans, how great is this bag? My friends and I joke about finding things in “the right color,” that perfect shade of UK blue and this fits the bill. Not only is the color on point but it’s just the right size to fit everything you need without being too big or bulky. It may just be the Goldilocks of bags.

 Floral Skirt * Chambray Tank * Cobalt Blue Bag * Casual Summer Outfit (4)Floral Print Skirt: J.Crew Factory; Chambray Tank: TJ Maxx; Belt: J.Crew; Blue Tassel Bag: c/o Galian; Sandals: X*Appeal c/o Rack Room Shoes

Galian Cobalt Blue Bag * Kentucky Blue Bag * Floral Print Details Floral Skirt * Chambray Tank * Cobalt Blue Bag * Casual Summer Outfit (1)Floral Skirt * Chambray Tank * Cobalt Blue Bag * Casual Summer Outfit (6)Images: Whitney Neal Photography

 This skirt is sold out (lame I know) but here’s some more floral options…

Fitness: The Perfect Playlist

Last time we talked fitness I had just joined Milestone Wellness and was starting up some of their {crazy plethora of} classes. Well now I’m about a month in and it’s no exaggeration to say that it was love at first ride when it came to Rhythm Ride. I definitely think it’s helping me get my legs back in shape (and when I say back in shape, I mean fitting in my jeans) but more than that it’s really helped me start to feel more like my old self.

One of my favorite parts of the class has been the music. Everyone knows that great tunes will help you work out harder and longer but finding the perfect playlist to match your workout can be a bit of a challenge.  Instructors are full of great playlists but outside of the friendly class confines, switching from song to song, artist to artist in your library can be a total workout buzzkill.

a075b17e487c51a8fb4f34ec74f0a571Image: Nike | Nike Leggings

I can’t make it to Milestone every day but thankfully I have a treadmill at home that I’ve been using to supplement my work outs. I’m not what you would call a “runner,” I prefer quick sprints (shout-out to Ransom Everglades 4×100 team) to long runs so music is key to keeping me going.

To fill the void, I thought it would be fun to ask the instructors what are some of their favorite work out songs. And since I just can’t help myself, I’ve added in some of my old and new favorites.

I’m really into making Spotify playlists now (blame it on this) so I created one as kind of a library of work out jams. Think of it as a starting point for you to create your own perfect playlist … and then after you do, send it to me on Spotify. No seriously, send it over.

Louisville friends…

I’ve had some friends join Milestone lately and they’ve asked me about which classes I’ve tried and liked. Other than Rhythm Ride (kind of like their version of Soul Cycle), I’ve tried Jeff’s  20/20/20, Tabata and Tabata Basic (promise I will try other instructors soon). Here’s a quick run-down:

* 20/20/20: If you’ve tried and loved Insanity, you’ll love this class. The first twenty minutes are like Pure Cardio, the second twenty are like Power Cardio and the last twenty are a little bit of sculpting. This class kicked my ass but I loved it. It went by pretty quick too. Also, I know guys can be timid about work out classes (too many chicks), this one was a pretty equal split. So go with your guy.

* Tabata: I love Tabata because I have little to no endurance (see the earlier sprinting comment) but I love quick bursts of exercises with small breaks in between. That’s what Tabata is all about. Rounds of eight exercises split into 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off. The class went by really quick, the music was great and I was sweating buckets.

* Tabata Basic: You may think this sounds like an intro to Tabata but it’s not really like that (although it is a good way to prepare for the sets if you’ve never done it before). This class includes more targeted exercises with weights. My legs are still sore from all the lunges, squats and other assorted moves. If you’re thinking this might be an easy, light work out – think again. It’s tough (in a good way). Shout out to Rachel, who I met in the class/stood behind her and tried to keep up, who reads the blog! Great meeting you!

Want to join me for a class sometime (or just try out a couple classes on your own)? I’ve got a few day passes to share with readers interested in giving it a go.  Email me danielle@louwhatwear.com and I’ll send one your way.

Before I go, here’s a little online weigh in:

Pre-Baby Weight: 140 lbs.

Weight at 40 Weeks: 205 lbs. WOOF

Current Weight (7 weeks post-baby): 158 lbs.

18 more to go!

Disclosure: Baptist Milestone Wellness Center has provided me with a discounted membership in exchange for sharing my opinion, information on classes and the occasional offer. All opinions expressed are my own and as always, I would never write about something I didn’t support or endorse. Ready to sign-up? Head over here or email Priscilla at 502-753-7558 or email her (pdespain @ baptistmilestone.com).


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