Favorite Things: Flamingos with Framebridge

When it comes to running errands, I am the worst. I’m one of those people who try to squeeze the most out of every day (which is why I’m usually running a little late) and running errands is one of those things that always takes more time than I allot for. It’s also one of those things that is nearly impossible with kids. Tasks that should take 5 minutes end up taking 30 and costing way more – “If you can just be good for five more minutes you can get some candy and that toy you’ll never play with but desperately NEED right now.” 

So now I basically try and order as many things online as possible. It’s a habit that drives my husband nuts (his disdain for boxes grows with every UPS delivery) but makes my life much easier and has seriously cut down on the amount of errands I have to spend my weekends running. One thing I hadn’t been able to escape – until now that is – is taking things to get framed. No joke, there is a pile of prints and pictures in my living room just waiting to be framed.

But for the baby’s room, I didn’t want to let my habit of procrastination get in the way of what I had planned for the decor. Thankfully Framebridge stepped in and saved me from my bad habits (hit up the end of the post for details on how they’re hooking you up too). The site allows you to upload a photo or mail in your prints, select a custom frame and matte and then have it delivered directly to your door. Even better, they send you the hardware to hang it so you’re not digging for the right hooks in the bottom of a tool box.

Framebridge - Custom Framing Online - Save 15% with code LOUWHATWEAR15Watercolor Flamingo Prints 

For Blake’s room I ordered these flamingo watercolor prints to go above her crib. I’m kind of on a flamingo kick (along with the rest of the world) but didn’t want something too cutesy and I wanted them to be prints she could grow up with. Before they even arrived, I went on Framebridge and uploaded a screen shot of the prints to get an idea of what kind of frame would look best in the room. I am super indecisive so I was in between a few options and having trouble deciding which would look best along with something I’d end up liking for the long haul (you have to consider that more for framed pieces that have a long lifespan).

Since I couldn’t make up my mind, I used the Designer’s Choice option and let their designers come up with a few options for me to select from. I ended up going for the simple Irving – a clean, simple white frame with white matte – but considered the Marin, a natural wood frame, and the Carson, a clean gold frame.

Framebridge - Custom Framing Online - Save 15% with code LOUWHATWEAR15
By the time the prints arrived, I already had the mailing label they sent me ready to go. It was as easy as dropping the prints off at UPS (an errand I ran without kids) and waiting a couple weeks for the finished product to arrive at my doorstep. I felt so efficient – something that is rare for me these days!

I love how they turned out and they fit the room perfectly. I wish I had been able to grab a shot of them head-on but the glare from our windows was messing up the pictures (new blinds are on the way – woo hoo). There’s still a little left to do to get the room all together but these prints are definitely the main focus. And I couldn’t be happier that they’re not just sitting in the corner waiting for me to take them to framers.

Framebridge - Custom Framing Online - Save 15% with code LOUWHATWEAR15

Best of all, Framebridge is giving Lou What Wear readers 15% off their first purchase with code LOUWHATWEAR15. If you’ve been considering doing a gallery wall in your house, I definitely recommend checking out the site. Not only can they help you get your prints and photos framed but their designers will help you layout and design your own custom gallery wall. You can keep it consistent and do all the same frame or they’ll help you get that curated, carefully designed mix-and-match look. Thinking I may need to use this at some point at the new house.

Plus you can also upload your pictures straight from Instagram and make these cute little frames with a 5×5 image from your account. There are so many pictures I love on Instagram that I never get around to printing, so this is a great way to knock it all out in one swoop. So with the discount, you can get it printed and framed for less than $35 and eliminate the guilty feeling you get whenever you look at a frame with a stock family smiling back at you (oh is that just me, that’s cool).

Thanks Framebridge for hooking me up with a credit to try out the site in exchange for this review. As always, all opinions, thoughts and random ramblings are my own.

Shopping: Stars and Stripes Forever

Time for one of my favorite round-ups of the year – Fourth of July.

Red, white and blue is in heavy rotation in my closet during the summer anyways but as we inch closer to America’s birthday, I tend to gravitate to it even more. My friend Caitlin and I have been known to randomly pick up patriotic gear for each other while out shopping and of course, the other day when we hit up Dress & Dwell, we both went home with new red, white and blue gear.

When it comes to getting in the patriotic spirit for the holiday, I’m not advocating wearing all-flag everything apparel rather adding simple combos of the colors together. Like going with a red and white stripe tee paired with dark jeans and sneakers  or a boho tank (like #5) paired with white jeans. If you’re one of the lucky babes who can sport a romper without camel toe (sorry for that TMI but you know we were all thinking it), then this romper would be perfect for a bbq and firework watching.

And since I know patriotic pool days are in my future, these sweet swimsuits for little girls are the cutest. I’m planning on ordering Reese this one as soon as I wrap up this post (doesn’t hurt that it’s only $15!). Oh and don’t forget the fellas – these button downs (one is a killer Target find) will get lots of wear long past the fourth but will look great with rolled sleeves and shorts for a backyard party.

Here’s the thing though… you’re going to want to order now before all the good gear (and sizes) are gone.

Fourth of July Style 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7a + 7b | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12

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