Style Spotting: NuLu Festival 2014

Clearly I am still getting caught up after a week away. Crazy how a few days can through off your whole schedule. Moving on…

The last weekend in September has become one I circle on my calendar thanks to NuLu Festival. Started as a small neighborhood festival, it’s evolved into a big giant party that takes up about three blocks of East Market Street and is jam packed with vendors, delicious food, beer (on beer on beer), cocktails, music and more.

Normally, I like to go in the late afternoon to grab a few beers, stroll around and enjoy some of the bands but this year I had to go to a work event that night so I stopped by early. Thankfully there were doughnuts (Louisville peeps – make sure to check out Hi-Five Doughnuts – they let you build your own doughnut –  so crazy good), some good shopping and catching up with some folks I hadn’t seen in a while.

Better yet, there were tons of fashionable faces walking around as well. It’s been a while since I’ve done any style spotting so I snapped a few pics of some  locals to share with you all. The funny thing is that even though this was only about 10 days ago, in weather terms, it seems like an entirely different season. I think it might have been the last truly summer-y weekend of the year. So even though we’re full steam ahead into fall, I’m loving all the stylish shorts & sandals in this post.

Thanks to all the guys and gals that let me snap their pic, if you see your face (or know some one I snapped) let me know your name in the comments and I’ll update!

Alumnious Events was there with their decked-out Airstream serving drinks, cooling people down and showing all the college football games. The gals of Hi-Five Doughnuts

 By far the most stylish mother/daughter duo I’ve seen. There’s nothing I’m not obsessed with in this picture but I may need to be a big time copy cat and get Kristen’s sunglasses ASAP. My buds Alex & CaitlinGotta love a guy in polka dots. And how cute are their glasses?Erin – So simple, summery and chic. Now I’m on the hunt for these scalloped polka dot shorts. Printed and a little preppy. Love those salmon sperry’s.


Outfit Post: Gray Day

Where do all the hours in the day go? Can someone seriously tell me because I feel like I am moving non-stop while simultaneously accomplishing nothing. That’s good right?

So my plan for today was to catch up on a LONG overdue NuLu Festival Style Spotting recap only to find my camera battery is dead. Big time fail on my part so that will be coming at ya tomorrow. It’s a good one with some seriously stylish locals. You’ve unknowingly waited this long so what’s another day.

On another somewhat related note since it is also long overdue, I’ve mentally put together a post-schedule to reflect the feedback you all sent my way (so much thanks for that). It will, hopefully, make it easier for you to stop by on the days you like while avoiding the posts you may not be into as much. Spoiler alert: I’m adding in television talk on Sundays. I’m planning on spending some quality time with my DVR in the next couple days to catch up on some shows I missed while traveling, so stay tuned – I’ll be kicking that off this weekend. I, for one, am excited.

One thing that excites me WAY less than TV is the task of getting dressed for work in the morning. Here’s the thing: I really like dressing up for work BUT since my office has a more laid back atmosphere, I tend to strive for a balance of casual and business. Like the mullet of office wear. This look gives me a little of each. The leggings are super comfortable, the top is easy but polished and the blazer and heels help it take care of business.

Last but not least, I’m trying to avoiding spending any cash money on clothes in the next month so I am implementing a #NoNewThings policy for October. We’re already eight days in and I may have broken the rule one time but the funds came from my PayPal account (slanging random crap on eBay for extra money) so I feel like it doesn’t really count. Prepare to see lots of remixing in the next few outfits. I’m going to the depths of my closet for these ones.

 Gray Blazer: Forever 21 (so crazy old); Blouse: ZARA (bought this one on sale but this polka dot version is way cute ); Vegan Leather Panel Leggings: c/o Lysse (seen before here); Heels: ZARA (similar here; seen before here); Necklace: c/o TAudrey (spotted here and here); Sunglasses: c/o ASOS (worn before here) Photos by Whitney Neal.


Outfit Post: Topped Off

Mondays are normally tough but this one was especially rough (and then it started raining).

I have to start by saying a huge thank-you for all the kind words and prayers for my grandfather. Papaw is still hanging in there but it doesn’t look like he has much time left. Last week was a tough one and saying good-bye yesterday was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do but I’ll always be thankful that I had that time to spend with him. And after almost a week non-stop in a hospital, I can’t say enough about the amazing work done by nurses, doctors and the assorted team of care-givers.

Getting back into a daily routine seems, frankly weird at a time like this but life does go on and so here I am sitting at my desk tackling work to-do’s and knocking out this blog post. I’m not going to say too much about this outfit because describing what I’m wearing and why seems pretty ridiculous right now but hopefully you all don’t think I look too silly in a hat. Just know that I have been wearing every one of these basics on-the-reg for the last month.

Sorry but that’s all I got for today. Felt like I owed it to give an update, want to get back to normal but don’t really know how to do it right now.

Sole Society * J.Crew * ZARA (9)Navy Stripe Tee: ZARA (old, similar here); Wool Hat: c/o Sole Society; Jeans: Gap; Belt: J.Crew (so crazy old); Navy Boots: Sole Society (seen before here); Nameplate Necklace: c/o Taudrey; Jacket: J.Crew; Bag: Longchamp

Sole Society * J.Crew * ZARA (6)Sole Society * J.Crew * ZARA (8)Sole Society * J.Crew * ZARA (1)Sole Society * J.Crew * ZARA (2)Sole Society * J.Crew * ZARA (5)Photos by Whitney Neal.


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